The Dream Center of Jackson started as an emergency shelter due to the May 4, 2003 tornado disaster. We obtained access to a one-hundred room old hospital building that had been mostly vacant for several years and began by giving tornado victims a place to stay. We also handed out food and supplies daily in the devastated Jackson neighborhoods. During the crisis, we housed up to 60 individuals and families nightly. Many individuals stayed with us until they found other housing or their homes were either renovated or rebuilt. We remained an emergency shelter for over 6 months.

Since then, we slowly transitioned into a Transformational Ministry for Women and Women with children who have experienced loss of employment, housing, family support and other crises in their lives that rendered them destitute. Many individuals come to us without hope and most have almost given up. We have a mandate by God to help, support, love and minister to these individuals through these hard times by instilling hope, applying Christian values and showing them a better life.

In addition to our normal long-term residents, we have housed fifty Katrina and Rita hurricane victims for various lengths of stay and have sent over 40,000 pounds of supplies to aid mission teams in hard-hit regions.