The Dream Center is located in a converted hospital and is able to house approximately 50 residents. We house women and their children free of charge who have experienced crisis in their lives such as loss of employment, housing, or other life controlling problems that rendered them homeless. To stay at the Dream Center (DC), people must have an intense desire to address their issues, change, and transition back into society. As such, we offer GED classes, job search assistance, transportation, addiction-recovery programs, financial self-sufficiency classes, and smart purchase coaching.

One very unique aspect of the Dream Center is that we house mothers and children (boys must be under the age of 17). We are blessed to handle women and give mothers a steady address so their kids can be registered in a school.

Even more important than the financial freedom we provide to our residents is the spiritual coaching we are able to give. Residents must attend on-site chapel daily in the morning, evenings and attend a church on Sunday morning. Our addiction recovery program is a Christ-centered system aimed at addressing the root cause of life-controlling issues (people seeking to fill the hole in their hearts with something other than God). It is amazing to see destitute people who have nowhere to turn come to the DC and end up finding an unexpected blessing – to be introduced to Jesus’ love.