Our ministry aims to serve as a guiding light and a source of hope for women and mothers with children who strongly aspire to transform their lives through Jesus Christ. The ultimate objective is to break the cycle of persistent homelessness.

Bunny Run March 30th


Thank you Leaders Credit Union and everyone who came out for our 16th annual Bunny Run!

Click the link for more photos of the event


Current Needs

We are currently accepting donations on an as-needed basis.

To ensure that your contributions have the greatest impact, we kindly ask you to stay updated on our current donation needs by checking our social media channels and website regularly. By doing so, you'll have insight into the specific items or resources that are most vital at any given time.

Your flexibility and understanding are invaluable to us as we work diligently to serve those in need. We deeply appreciate your ongoing commitment to making a difference in the lives of others.

Amazon Wish List

We are often asked about "most needed items" for the Dream Center.  We have made an Amazon Wish List as an easy way for donors to access those items.  However, if you would like to purchase them elsewhere, that is ok too!  You can access our wish list by clicking here.