On May 4, 2003, an F4 tornado struck the Jackson area.  Due to this event, many families and individuals were left without a home.  We obtained an old hospital that had been mostly vacant for several years.  Now the victims of this tornado had a temporary place to stay.  We handed out food and supplies daily in the devastated Jackson neighborhoods.  During this period we housed up to 60 individuals and families nightly.  They stayed with us until they found permanent housing or had their own homes renovated or rebuilt.

In the 14 years since we recognize there is still a need and we are continuing to fill that need.  We are a faith-based educational ministry for women and women with children.  We rebuild lives, restore hope, and renew dreams.  The women we serve have experienced crisis and/or loss in their lives.

We provide all of the basic needs for our women.  We assist with job readiness, resume building, finding gainful employment, and any other service that will prepare the women to achieve success.  All classes are mandatory.  Finance, nutrition, parenting, and Bible study are just some of the classes we offer.

We have a mandate by God to help, support, love, and minister to these women through their tough times by instilling hope and applying Christian principles.