Brandie P’s Testimony

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I came to The Dream Center in October 2014. I was homeless and unemployed. The guy I was living with had spent our rent money and I didn’t have a place to go. So my son and I went to the Dream Center. I was admitted and in less than a week I decided to leave. Big mistake, after being back on the streets a few days, I called Ms. Gail and asked to come back to the Center. She graciously allowed me and my son to return. This time I stayed.

Since being at The Dream Center I have enrolled in college, I am in the work/study program. I am the first from my family to attend college. My son is tutored each day by the tutors who come to the Center. His grades have improved.

I have surrendered my life to God and now have a real relationship with Jesus Christ. My son and I have been baptized. God has opened so many doors for me through The Dream Center. I thank God for leading me to the Center so I could learn more about Him and lead a better life for me and my son.

I just want to thank Ms. Gail and her staff for all they have done for us.

Rose M’s Testimony

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I wanted to find a thank you card that says what I’m feeling but I couldn’t so I’m just going to share my thanks, through my testimony.

I was at The Dream Center for a total of 8 months.  When I arrived at the Center in February of 2015 I was broken mentally and spiritually.  I had come from Indianapolis to Tennessee to be with the man I had been in a relationship with for three years.  But once I moved here I discovered he was not the person I wanted to be with.  Everything he had done for me I thought it was out of love for me, but I soon found out what it really was, a form of mental abuse.  I could see it becoming a physically abusive situation, so I Googled women’s shelters in Jackson and found the Dream Center.

I had just started working for a temp company in January.  I could have gone back to Indianapolis but I would have been unemployed and would have had to stay with someone.

I arrived at the Dream Center for my interview and met with Ms. Gail, I love you Ms. Gail.  After telling her my story and being questioned as if by the police she said one thing that I will always remember,  she said God sent me here for a reason.  Upon entering the Center, I felt that I was o.k.  A broken heart will heal, I thought I was very strong minded, independent, etc.

I kept my temp job and did what was required of me chapel, chores, donations, etc.  But through my journey I realized that God Loves Me! Rose

I appreciate Ms. Pam for having one on one Bible lessons with me before 8am on the days I was off.  I wasn’t able to attend church on Sundays due to work so I always felt like I wasn’t getting it.  But Ms. Pam would always say to me to pray and ask God to reveal His word to me.  I had a problem with patience and just being still.

Ms. Phyllis welcomed me from day one with her bubbly personality, her warmth and comfort.  She would motivate me so even on a bad day; she would talk about the Bible to me.

Most of all I want to thank Ms. Susan for being so encouraging to me.  She never strayed from her faith.  She always talked the talk and walked the walk of her faith.  Thank God for the 180 class because it was through those classes and doing the homework that I began to be open and honest with myself.  That is when my connection with God became marvelous.  The weights I had been carrying were removed.  Peace, love, joy, gratefulness, entered my life.  THANK GOD I’M FREE!  God gave me revelations about the way my boyfriend treated me was the same way I had been doing to other men for years and this broke me.  I asked for forgiveness from God.  Whenever I see anyone I hurt I will truly apologize.  Thank you Jesus.

Once I totally and truly surrendered to God I have been set free.  I have crossed over to a new world.  No more of only giving Him pieces of me.  He has all of me.